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This is the question I hear most often from my high-net-worth clients and the concern is valid. Take my short quiz to find out if you have enough money to sustain your lifestyle in retirement.

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Susan O’Brien’s proprietary approach to financial planning integrates all of the pieces of your financial life. This enables you to make quality decisions that have a positive impact on not just your own net worth but the wealth of future generations as well.

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It’s a fallacy that the affluent are well served.

They may have their choice of fabulous hotels, spas, coveted seats at sporting events, and tables at five-star restaurants, but when it comes to making long-term decisions about their money, they’re not getting the help they need. In Susan O’ Brien’s book she discusses what a real financial plan looks like using a net worth thinking lens and why it should start at the end, not at the beginning.

Susan O'Brien


Susan O’Brien

Susan O’Brien, a multi-award winning advisor, founded the Susan O’Brien Group, a nationally recognized wealth advisory practice, in 1998. Her focus is on an innovative and collaborative approach to wealth management. She is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and planner working with C-suite executives and wealthy families who want more from their financial advisory relationships. Susan has been featured in the Globe and Mail, and on CTV News and Global News. Always guided by helping others and giving back to her community, she sits on advisory boards for the Calgary Foundation and United Way. Susan lives with her family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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