I was invited on the Calgary Business Podcast to discuss the importance of talking about money, dive deep into the 4 Net Worth Thinking lenses, and how to navigate your investment portfolio during the pandemic.

I understand that having money conversations with your family can be difficult. As high net worth individuals, you might worry about the effect your wealth will have on your children. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can bring your families into money conversations and why it’s important.

Listen now! http://bit.ly/susan-on-calgary-podcast

If you have any questions or if you’re interested in creating an integrated, long-term financial plan that enables your children and grandchildren to be good stewards of wealth, contact the Susan O’Brien Group today.

Susan O’Brien

Susan O’Brien

After years in the tax world working at both the Canada Revenue Agency and in the private sector, Susan O’Brien took a leap and started her own tax-consulting firm. While her business was successful, she had a gnawing feeling that she wanted more. Finding her heart was in wealth management, she started her next venture, the Susan O’Brien Group, with a large global Canadian bank in 1998. It has grown to become a nationally recognized wealth advisory practice.