Will I run out of money in retirement?

Find out if you'll have enough money to last through your retirement.

Answer Yes or No to the following questions to find out your results.

1. My Investment Portfolio is diversified and I have confidence it can withstand current markets.
2. My assets are structured to be 2/3 income producing and 1/3 non-income producing.
3. I know how much I spend and maintain my spending within my means.
4. I know how much money I need to live well.
5. My portfolio is structured to save taxes.
6. I am happy with my current lifestyle.
7. I have a written financial plan and have implemented the recommended strategies.
8. I have an up-to-date will.
10. I am in the highest tax bracket.
9. I work with a financial advisor who has identified and quantified what my financial goals and objectives are.

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