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Wealth Planning Strategies That Busy Executives Might Miss

Do your wealth planning strategies lead to the best financial outcomes for you and your family? Do you sense some areas of your long-term financial plan are lacking but feel unsure of where to start? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to look into all of the moving parts, so right now, you have a plan that’s merely “good enough”.

From leaving legacy wealth, to maximizing your company investments and compensation, to ensuring you can finance your dream retirement, these are wealth planning topics busy executives have on their minds.

When you download our 8 Strategies that Busy Executive Overlook in Their Financial Planning, you’ll:

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed because you’ll know exactly where to start and have a concrete plan for moving forward
  • Receive clarity by learning the right questions to ask in order to create an integrated financial blueprint
  • Gain a sense of security knowing you’re not overlooking any aspect of your long-term wealth plan
  • Save time by having all of the information you need to make more informed decisions in one convenient reference

As a busy executive, are you overlooking key strategies for optimizing your finances?

Download our 8 Strategies today so you can be sure you’re checking off all your wealth-planning boxes.

    What’s in the checklist

    Eight Strategies Busy Executives Overlook in Their Wealth Plans

    At the Susan O’Brien Group, we’ve funnelled 25 years of financial expertise into practical strategies you can start on right away. Get wealth planning for Canadians made easy.

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    Create a fully realized, integrated, long-term financial plan and know what your money is doing for you.

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    Align your assets with your wealth goals. Use them to fuel the life you live now and in your golden years.

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    Gain an in-depth, detailed picture of your wealth plan so you can make the best choices towards retirement planning and what happens to your wealth afterwards.

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    With heritage wealth planning, provide generational wealth to your children and grandchildren so your hard-earned money continues to grow.

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    Find peace of mind knowing your wealth supports your values and lifestyle.

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    Maximize tax savings opportunities and charitable giving options so you can take care of yourself, your loved ones and the communities you care about.

    Net worth thinking Lens

    Focus, Function, Family, Freedom

    Our 8 Strategies that Busy Executive Miss in Their Financial Planning uses our Net Worth Thinking Lens, a wealth planning framework that helps you integrate your lifestyle and goals with your finances. First, you pinpoint your values, family needs and goals so you can Focus your finances on what’s most important. Then you consider how your wealth plan can Function, determining where and when changes should happen so you have a clear path. For many of our clients, Family plays an integral role in heritage wealth planning. Bring them into the conversation so everyone has clarity. Lastly, take a deep dive into what financial Freedom means for you so you can have peace of mind about your retirement.

    Susan O'Brien

    Meet Your Award-Winning

    Financial Advisor

    Hi. I’m Susan O’Brien, a Calgary financial advisor and founder of the nationally-recognized Susan O’Brien Group. My wealth planning strategies guide Canadians such as C-suite executives and high net worth families get more from their financial advisory relationships. Finance has been my passion for almost 25 years — Prior to the Susan O’Brien Group, I built a robust and intricate understanding of personal finances while working at the CRA, in the private sector, and as founder of my own tax consultancy firm.

    My collaborative, strategic approach to family wealth planning has been featured in various national media; I’ve shared my expertise in the Globe and Mail, and on CTV News and Global News. Through my proprietary Net Worth Thinking Lens, I’ve helped countless clients align their wealth with their life goals. Financial acumen aside, I’ve also raised four children so I understand firsthand the importance of heritage wealth planning.

    In the community, I enjoy giving back through several community boards and offer mentorship to up-and-coming women entrepreneurs. My nature is to help, so if you’re thinking about improving your wealth planning, I can assist you in making impactful improvements that will give you peace of mind.



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