Something my clients often ask me about is how they can start teaching their children about money. Every family should be facilitating deep, meaningful discussions about money with their kids and grandkids as early as possible.

In fact, I’ve taught financial literacy to children as young as three years old, and I often continue these conversations with them well into their young adulthood.

Since there are so many different techniques and questions for teaching financial literacy to children, I was happy to share my advice on the Financial Planning for Canadian Business Owners Podcast with Jason Pereira. Tune in to learn from Jason and I about how you can teach your kids about money, and how those conversations and lessons can evolve through every stage of your child’s development.


Listen to the podcast now:

If you have any questions about teaching your children about money, or if you’re interested in creating an integrated, long-term financial plan that involves your children and grandchildren, contact the Susan O’Brien Group today.

Susan O’Brien

Susan O’Brien

After years in the tax world working at both the Canada Revenue Agency and in the private sector, Susan O’Brien took a leap and started her own tax-consulting firm. While her business was successful, she had a gnawing feeling that she wanted more. Finding her heart was in wealth management, she started her next venture, the Susan O’Brien Group, with a large global Canadian bank in 1998. It has grown to become a nationally recognized wealth advisory practice.