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A Toolkit That Makes First Time Home Buying a Breeze For Your Adult Children

As a parent, you want to see your children make the right choices when it comes to buying their first home. That’s why the team at Susan O-Brien Group created a straightforward, first time home buyer toolkit so your adult children’s decisions are realistic, less overwhelming, and more enjoyable.

Buying Your First Home Toolkit will help:

  • take the mystery out of the Canadian home buying market
  • provide the resources that can drive well-informed decision-making
  • break down the financials so your adult kids know exactly where their money goes
  • guide how to best manage inherited wealth towards buying a first home
  • streamline and focus the home buying process to save time and energy

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    What’s in the Toolkits

    Compass Icon

    Find all the resources needed to guide the home buying journey and arrive at goals with confidence.

    Home icon

    Learn the ins and outs of different kinds of home ownership and what will work best for your adult children’s lifestyles and first time investment.

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    Take a deep dive into what’s needed in a home. A wish list? Must-haves? Sometimes there’s a difference.

    Family Icon

    The future is always a consideration when buying a home. This toolkit will help your adult children understand how home buying choices evolve as lifestyle changes require.

    Vacation Icon

    Buying a first home is a bigger decision than just the home itself. Do your kids enjoy vacations? The occasional indulgence? Help your children arm themselves with tips on investing wisely so they are not “house poor”.

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    Whether working from a millennial budget or managing a large inheritance, find out the best options for first-time real estate investment.

    Net worth thinking Lens

    Focus, Function, Family, Freedom

    Our Buying Your First Home Toolkit uses Susan O’Brien’s Net Worth Thinking Lens as a framework for making first time real estate investment a structured process.You and your children can Focus finances on decisions that encompass what’s most important. Then consider how best wealth can Function, which determines which type of home will meet present or future needs. Family plays an integral role in first time real estate investment — is inherited wealth management part of the picture? If so, family conversations are integral so that everyone has clarity. Lastly, a close look at what financial Freedom looks like helps determine a realistic home buying budget with room to spare.

    Susan O'Brien

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    Financial Advisor

    Susan O’Brien, a multi-award winning advisor, founded the Susan O’Brien Group, a nationally recognized wealth advisory practice, in 1998. Her focus is on an innovative and collaborative approach to wealth management. As an inheritance financial advisor, she helps families navigate how to manage inherited wealth. She is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and planner working with C-suite executives and wealthy families who want more from their financial advisory relationships. Susan has been featured in the Globe and Mail, and on CTV News and Global News. Always guided by helping others and giving back to her community, she sits on advisory boards for the Calgary Foundation and United Way. Susan lives with her family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



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    Download Susan O’Brien’s Buying Your First Home Toolkit.

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