A New Way Forward For Wealth Management: Net Worth Thinking



Your Financial Situation Is Unique to You, And Your Advisor Needs to Treat It That Way.

It’s a fallacy that the affluent are well served. They may have their choice of fabulous hotels, luxury spas, coveted seats at sporting events, and tables at five-star restaurants, but when it comes to making long-term decisions about their money, they’re not getting the help they need.

Most wealthy families do not have a financial plan in place–or if they do have one, it’s sitting on a shelf, not getting updated every few months as it should be, and it’s often never even executed to begin with.

The truth is, no matter who we are and what station we’ve risen to in life, we can’t know it all, especially when it comes to things as complicated as money. In her book, A New Way Forward for Wealth Management, author Susan O’Brien addresses why this is, and what anyone can start doing to prepare

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