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    Align your assets with your wealth goals. Use them to fuel the life you live now and in your golden years.

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    Maximize tax savings opportunities and charitable giving options so you can take care of yourself, your loved ones and the communities you care about.

    Susan O'Brien

    Meet Your Award-Winning

    Financial Advisor

    Hi. I’m Susan O’Brien. As a Calgary financial advisor and founder of the nationally-recognized Susan O’Brien Group, I provide financial advice to high-net-worth clients such as C-suite executives and families who want more from their financial advisory relationships. Finance has been my passion for almost 25 years — prior to the Susan O’Brien Group, I built a keen understanding of personal finances while working at the CRA, in the private sector, and as founder of my own tax consultancy firm.

    I’m known for my collaborative yet strategic approach to wealth management and have been featured in various national media to share my expertise, including the Globe and Mail, and on CTV News and Global News. My Net Worth Thinking Lens is a personalized approach that helps my clients align their wealth with their life goals. Financial acumen aside, I’ve also raised four children and understand firsthand the importance of financial security for you and your family, now and into the future.

    In the community, I enjoy giving back through several community boards and offer mentorship to up-and-coming women entrepreneurs. My nature is to help, so if you’re thinking about reviewing your wealth plan, I can assist you in making impactful financial decisions that will give you peace of mind.



    Praise for Susan O’Brien

    Your Calgary financial advisors are here to help you, your friends and your family gain true financial freedom.

    Using our proprietary Net Worth Thinking Lens approach, I take a deep dive into your wealth plan and reconcile your values and goals with your money so that your current financial plan will support the lifestyle you truly desire in your golden years.

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      Refer Another Friend

      Refer Another Friend

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