Dear Clients and friends of Susan O’Brien Group,

In Alberta we are three weeks into the first case of Coronavirus, and we are two weeks into many many people working from home. Businesses are closed, daycares and schools, playgrounds and restaurants are all closed; libraries and fitness facilities are closed. This is resulting in different pressures on family life and creating real financial hardship for many. Albertans along with more than a billion people around the world are told to stay in their homes.

I talk to so many people daily and there is a strong and growing feeling of unease. People are worried about their ability to meet their dreams and their own vision for the future. They are worried about parents and grandchildren and the effects of this period on the mental health of their children.

We at the Susan O’Brien Group are reacting to the consequences on the global economy and are remaining active in continuing to implement our proven Net Worth Thinking Process. Robust planning focused on client goals is the key to confidence in withstanding shocks to the financial system. Our preparations for exogenous shocks to the financial system started long ago in personalized portfolio construction based on managing risk in every possible way to minimize the impact of market downturns on personal Net Worth. We continue to work our process. Using our pension style fund managers we have over 100 professionals working for us behind the scenes using this opportunity to upgrade their company holdings and position portfolios for the next leg up.

Over the coming weeks we are going to host special call in meetings for clients and friends of the Susan O’Brien Group showcasing our Portfolio Managers and the depth and breadth of their services. They will be specifically addressing their actions during this time. Planning based on Net Worth Thinking plus optimal Portfolio construction combined with outstanding stock selection is key to financial confidence in meeting your goals and living your ideal life.

We are here for you and want to hear from you. If you would like a 30 minute progress review on your retirement plan, portfolio construction or to discuss our financial outlook, please contact to set up an appointment with Susan, Blair or Robyn. We are working as usual so please also email or call us on this or any financial matter.

Stay tuned for more information on our manager call in series. If you’re concerned about the future you will definitely want to tune in.

Stay safe and we’ll get through this together.


The Susan O’Brien Group

Susan O’Brien

Susan O’Brien

After years in the tax world working at both the Canada Revenue Agency and in the private sector, Susan O’Brien took a leap and started her own tax-consulting firm. While her business was successful, she had a gnawing feeling that she wanted more. Finding her heart was in wealth management, she started her next venture, the Susan O’Brien Group, with a large global Canadian bank in 1998. It has grown to become a nationally recognized wealth advisory practice.


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